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Ellen Crimi-Trent is a Massachusetts- based fine artist and designer, most known for her years of designing several lifestyle brands for the home, gift, and children's markets. Her work is a balance of color, composition and gesture using all types of mediums. Years of playing with watercolors, gouche, acrylics, oils and pastels have given her work depth and richness. 
With a sketchbook always at arms distance Ellen is always dreaming up new collections for her clients and collectors. There is an ever abundant stream of influences in her work from her family, travel and surroundings. After almost eighteen years of mostly licensing her work today Ellen is now offering original fine art on her website, shows and galleries for those who wish to collect her work.
Commissions are welcome as well please email for inquires 





For Licensing inquiries in Asia/Japan please contact: Brian Gregory at SCT inc.






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